We love helping people at schools succeed with technology.

Why We Love Helping Schools

We know it sounds lofty, but we want to help the next generation thrive by giving them a better learning experience. To do this, we’re helping schools change (perhaps an even loftier goal).

Since 2012, we’ve facilitated more than 1,000 days of professional development and support nearly 400 educators daily. We’ve rebuilt and restructured more than a dozen school networks and have deployed and trained teachers on thousands of devices, from iPads to MacBooks, Apple TVs, Chromebooks, and more.

We believe that in combining empowered, motivated educators along with our passionate team, we can work together towards elevating educational experience into the stratosphere. For these reasons and many more, we consider ourselves more of a learning company than we do an IT company.

How we do what we do

In our early days, we worked with schools on a ‘per project’ basis. We’d deploy a Wi-Fi network or set up a cart of devices and maybe do a training session or two, but we didn’t have much of an ongoing relationship with a school beyond that. We’d eventually make it back to the school for a new project, only to find the devices that we’d rolled out were collecting dust. Whether devices were having issues or teachers didn’t feel confident in supporting their students using them, it became pretty clear that without an ongoing ecosystem of support and continuing, proactive professional development, change and evolution would only come at a glacial pace, if at all!

Today, we partner with all of the schools that we work with to take on the responsibility of ongoing technical support and professional development, along with strategy, monthly guidance, and more. This readily available, lightning-quick access to our team gives teachers the confidence to move forward and continue to grow their skills with technology, knowing that we have their back every step of the way.

What we provide

With Classmate, you can be confident that your school’s investment into technology and infrastructure will be not only well utilized, but also well supported (after all, that’s why we call it a partnership). Instead of relying on a savvy teacher or parent volunteer for your technology needs, or even a well-versed IT individual, we offer an entire team of dedicated, passionate, and thoughtful humans, all with different skills and focusses, and all who work together to build and evolve your school’s relationship with technology from a foundational level.

We also offer so much more than just training and troubleshooting. Since 2012, we’ve helped to modernize and grow over a dozen schools in the Greater Vancouver area — when we began working with schools, tablets barely existed, Smart Boards were still high in fashion (that’s not a dig if you’re still using them), laptops were big, slow, and heavy (and had DVD drives), schools often had computer labs, and BC’s educational curriculum was vastly different than it is today.

Classmate schools come in all shapes, sizes, and grade levels, and from the outside looking in, a Classmate school may not look overly different from any other school. Take a walk around though, and you’ll start to notice a few things:

  • Nobody is talking about the Wi-Fi (or more specifically, what’s wrong with the Wi-Fi).
  • That Grade 7 teacher that the whole staff used to go to for tech questions looks refreshed and reinvigorated and is teaching a lesson with more passion than anyone has seen in years.
  • Nobody is running around frantically looking for their lost USB stick (heck, nobody even remembers the last time they saw a USB stick).
  • The Grade 3 teacher is talking to Carlo, one of our Instructional Technology Coaches, about all of the ways technology elevated today’s lesson (along with how it all fits into the BC curriculum).
  • The Grade 2 students are presenting the results of last week’s science project via videos (that they shot and edited on their own) on the classroom projector — all from their desks and without any wires anywhere.
  • The Grade 6 teacher is getting ready for the after school ‘Minecraft Club’, where Minecraft: Education Edition is used to teach coding and economics.
  • Kelvin, one of our Technical Support Engineers, is ensuring that the latest security updates have been applied to the school’s Shared iPads.

Where do we start?

Well, if you’re here, you’ve already taken the first step — thanks so much for coming this far!

You can click (or tap) right here to book a meeting with our School Navigator, Jani, and our Technology Director, Jon. They’re the visionaries that put this whole thing together, and they’re the ones best suited to having the conversation about your school, its current culture and technology experience, and what its future could look like.

If your conversation proves fruitful, the next step would be what we call ‘Phase Zero’ — this is where our team goes in-depth and performs an extensive technical audit and cultural assessment at your school.

Together, we turn the results of your technology audit & cultural assessment into a comprehensive plan for your school’s improvement and growth.

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