The Teacher Journey

Where do you start?

We believe that technology integration is a process– one that starts by meeting you where you're at, and builds on your experience in familiar ways. So, where should you start? Here’s a hint: it’s not the App Store. Browsing around the App Store can provide ideas and inspiration, but can be overwhelming if you're not sure what to look for.

Start With a Purpose

Ask yourself the following: Why do you want to use tech with your students? How will tech improve your curriculum and learning outcomes? You might not have clear answers right away. Don’t worry–we're available to meet one-on-one with you to help clarify these questions.

You and Your Technology

The next step is to get trained on the fundamentals. At first, like learning any new skill (ie. driving, cooking, or learning to play an instrument), it’s all about you and your device–getting familiar with the tools.

We’ve created online resources that will get you familiar with your device, the world of Google, and classroom management tools. And of course, our learning support team is at your school for individual help and group workshops, and our technical support team is ready whenever you need it, so any pesky issues are solved swiftly.

Your Students’ Technology

Once you're comfortable with using technology yourself, our next step is to get you familiar with classroom devices and services for your students. Our team takes care of the maintenance and management of your school devices. For your classroom uses, we help get you set up and love brainstorming project ideas with you!

Good Pedagogy Trumps Technology

Your teaching philosophy is something we respect and defer to. We want to work with you to meaningfully integrate technology in a way that augments how you teach. There’s an amazing potential in the proper use of technology in the classroom. Let’s work together to unlock it.