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Why We Love Helping Schools

By guiding the youngest members of our society towards a brighter future, educators and school leaders have a tremendous impact on the world at large. We believe that there’s no greater calling than this.

This is why we aid educators in giving each new generation a better learning experience. We do this by helping people grow and transform their relationship with technology.


Having technology maintained and set up correctly goes a long way towards building positive relationships between your staff and the tools they use. We’ve rebuilt and restructured more than a dozen school networks and have deployed thousands of devices, from iPads to MacBooks, Apple TVs to Chromebooks, and much more.


We design and deliver fun, creative, and diverse learning experiences for students. Let’s co-teach lessons in your classroom that harness your students’ creative energy.


One of the best ways to ensure meaningful change is to go all in. We partner with schools to become their technology team and take on the responsibility of building, managing, and maintaining technology experiences. This empowers educators, administrators, and school leaders to focus their efforts on educational experiences — makes sense, eh?

It Takes a Team to Support a Classroom

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