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Helping schools succeed with technology.

Empowering teachers, students, and parents with meaningful EdTech solutions and a proven process. It’s about making a better classroom, together.

What we do!

Handled right, tech in the classroom makes this the most exciting time to be involved in education. Students are completely taking ownership of their own learning. Teachers are live examples of lifelong learning. But without the right approach, all that tech becomes a barrier and a giant headache.

Our holistic and embedded approach allows us to guide your team from planning to procurement, to deployment and management. Our custom platform allows for seamless updates, drop of a hat support, and remote management. And most importantly, we build a lasting relationship with teachers and educators, supporting, teaching and enabling more effective and empowering uses of tech tools. We’re changing the approach to EdTech, so you can change the world, one student at a time.

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Change in education can be hard, but you guys made it easy.

- Nicole, Principal

Classmate: n. A team that is hard working, listens to our needs, guides, opens our minds, and helps shape our future.

- Neva, Principal

Classmate definitely empowers us. You're happy to see them. They truly do become a part of the staff.

- Rosanna, Grade 3 Teacher

We knew that whatever we tried, there would be lots of support.

- Brad, Grade 3 Teacher

We've never had so much learning happen in such a short time, because we have help. Classmate is helping teachers get to where they need to be.

- Lora, Principal

Classmate genuinely cares, genuinely is passionate about education and where education can go -- in a way that is ultimately about the kids.

- Rob, Grade 7 Teacher

With the evolution of the revised curriculum in BC, our partnership with the Classmate team has sown immediate dividends in the delivery of our technology program along with parent and staff communications.

- Dino, Principal

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