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Helping schools succeed with technology.

Why We Love Helping Schools

We know it sounds lofty, but we want to help the next generation thrive by giving them a better learning experience. To do this, we’re helping schools change (perhaps an even loftier goal).

Since 2012, we’ve partnered with schools to weave technology into their cultural fabric. We’ve experienced incredible successes and epic failures, and we love sharing every bit of what we’ve learned so far. Our team has deployed and manages thousands of school devices, has facilitated hundreds of professional development days, and proudly supports hundreds of educators daily.

Partnering with Classmate

By now we know what network equipment and devices work best in schools, but when it comes to the adoption of technology, every school is in a different place — both from an infrastructure perspective and the staff culture. So while we begin by using our expertise in school Wifi, G Suite for Education, and iPad and Chromebook management, that’s just the starting line for us. We believe the key ingredient is providing continued support. So we get to know your team (because we quickly become part of your team) and help teachers learn how to use technology as an amplifier in their classrooms — for learning, creating, collaborating, and problem solving. Remember, it all comes back to giving the students a better learning experience.

Get a more detailed sense of how we work here:

Our Partnerships with Schools

Classmate takes on the responsibility of building and managing the best technology experience for everyone in the school so teachers can focus on educational experiences.

Meeting Teachers Where They’re At

We believe that technology integration is a process — one that starts by meeting teachers where they’re at and builds on their experience in familiar ways. Before diving into devices and services, the most important place to start this journey is with a purpose. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to use technology with my students?” From there, we embark on a journey together, while respecting and deferring to your teaching philosophy — good pedagogy always trumps technology.

Along the way, you’ll join a community of hundreds of teachers, a vast array of curated resources, in-classroom support, and access to a support team that knows your school inside and out.

Learn more about the teacher journey with Classmate:

The Teacher Journey

Helping Guide School Leadership Through this New Terrain

We’ve spent a lot of time in schools and know for a fact that being a principal in today's world is one tough job. On top of all your responsibilities of leading instructional change, you're now expected to guide your school through significant technology changes. With limited resources on best practices and the pressure of the sheer financial investment, it can be confusing on how to best proceed. We're here to help you navigate through these changes with confidence by sharing our expertise and taking charge of all things technology at your school.

Here's what some of the principals we work with have said:

Classmate takes the time to build relationships, which allows them to approach teachers in a specific way that helps them grow and be more open to change. I take pride in where my teachers are at with technology. I think we are the front runners in communicating student learning to parents in our system using technology.
- Neva Grout, Principal
We've never had so much learning happen in such a short time, because we have help. Classmate is helping teachers get to where they need to be.
- Lora Clarke, Principal
With the evolution of the revised curriculum in BC, the partnership that Holy Cross Elementary has developed with the Classmate team has sown immediate dividends in the delivery of our technology program along with parent and staff communications.
- Dino Alberti, Principal
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