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We’ve seen first hand how projects centered on creativity let students own their learning and share their unique perspectives. Co-teaching with us means harnessing that creative energy in exciting and engaging ways.

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Book Character Studies with Social Media

Suitable for Grades 3 to 8

We’ll lead your students through creating a mockup of a character’s social media presence. Students will safely explore the impacts of social media, understand perspective, and practice tenets of digital citizenship.

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Profiles for Historical Figures or Immigrant Stories
  • Profiles that consider Different Perspectives on Real-World Issues
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Interactive Museum Displays

Suitable for Grades 3 to 8

Put your design hats on! Students will create an interactive app mockup for a museum exhibit. Who will visit your exhibit and what do they need to know about the content in front of them?

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Fast-Food Restaurant Kiosk
  • Interactive Map of your School
  • Tell an Interactive Story

Ask an Expert - Podcast Production

Suitable for Grades 4 to 8

Oral Presentations have never been this fun! Students will produce their own podcast episode with questions from listeners and create podcast cover art with their custom logo and title!

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Geography/Travel Podcast
  • Interviews with Historical Figures, Fictional Characters, Immigrant Stories
  • Book Reviews
  • Call-in Radio Questions from Other Grades
  • Character Dialogue Dramatic Reading

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Let’s Connect!

We’ll talk a little bit about how we can work together and ask you some questions about the set up at your school.

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Build Collaborative Websites

Suitable for Grades 3 to 8

Students will collaborate on creating websites for fantastical products. Magic jumping socks anyone? We’ll explore best design practices, the anatomy of a website, and writing style!

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Travel Website (Ancient Civilizations, Indigenous Studies, World Cultures)
  • Charity and Fundraising Websites
  • Social Issue Awareness Websites
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Observe your World

Suitable for Grades K to 2

Designed especially for younger grades, students will record observations of their surroundings using their eyes, ears, cameras, and microphones! We’ll introduce the basics of taking a good photo and recording sound while developing questioning, observation, and analyzing skills.

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Texture and Sound Scavenger Hunt
  • Observing and Recording Light and Shadows
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Edit Impactful Video Essays

Suitable for Grades 4 to 8

Turn persuasive writing into engaging video essays. Through the use of images, remixing videos, audio and animation, video essays are a powerful and effective way to communicate a message.

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Bring Poetry to Life with Moving Text
  • Take a Stance on Social Issues
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Explore Math Concepts with Stop-Motion

Suitable for Grades 4 to 8

Bring creative expression to your math lessons! Students will create animations explaining key concepts in geometry, fractions, or measurement through storytelling.

Project Remixes 🔀
  • Body Systems and Processes
  • Retell a Story & Change the Ending
  • Visualize an Animal Life Cycle
  • Visually Express a Word

How does it work? 🤔

Find two other teachers at your school

We’ll run 3 sessions a day at your school, so round up some colleagues and let’s collaborate! All this for $899.

Collaborate with us Virtually

Success is a product of planning. We’ll meet up virtually with the three of you to discuss your Co-Teaching goals.

A day of Co-Teaching with you and your students

Three amazing projects started in one day. We’ll work with you in your classrooms, so no coverage is necessary!

Debrief and Resources

That’s not all! After school, we’ll meet with the three of you to provide resources and advice to keep these projects going in your classes.

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