Training Centre 🏋️

Classmate Training Centre exists to help educators boost their confidence and competence with technology. Borrowing from the flipped classroom model, Training Centre offers asynchronous training to prepare educators for upcoming in-person Pro-D. It also acts as a place for educators to brush up on some of the more specific tools in their classrooms.

We believe good teaching is not about how much technology you use, but how you use technology to make what you do shine brighter. We’ve found too much focus is placed on using technology for technology’s sake, and when teachers aren’t confident with technology to begin with, it becomes a burden for them and a distraction for their students.

To help, we defined and developed what we call the Operational Baseline, which consists of asynchronous training online and in-person experiences. We created Training Centre to support the asynchronous part of the Operational Baseline. This program primarily focuses on using the devices educators interact with every day, along with staples like Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Docs, Slides, Search, and advanced collaboration. All of the teachers we work with (500+) have since completed the Operational Baseline and we now use it every September to help new teachers increase their own confidence and competence with technology.

Since launching the Operational Baseline, we’ve added more content to Training Centre as both standalone training and asynchronous training to prepare for in-person experiences.