Training That Transforms

Want help in reaching school-wide goals? Our team of facilitators come to your school to work and play with all your staff for a custom-designed day centred around a chosen theme. We’ve been helping schools for over a decade with topics such as Digital Citizenship, Google Classroom, Learning Journals, and more.

Custom Days start at $1,599. Schedule a call with Jen from our Pro-D Team for a free consultation on what a Custom Pro-D Day could look like at your school!

We’ve never had so much learning happen in such a short time, because we have help. Classmate is helping teachers get to where they need to be. - Lora, Our Lady of Perpetual Help

Our Learning Team

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Our Approach to Designing Experiences

  • Fun & Experiential: We design experiences to be delightful, immersive, and engaging. There’s always fun surprises, hands-on activities, and creative opportunities.
  • Meaningful & Transformational: We create a space for authentic conversations that allow teachers to share their hopes, fears, and everything in between. By being straight-forward, honest, and vulnerable, we can start to work at a meaningful level to enact real change.
  • Practical & Flexible: We design our experiences to be practical for all teachers open to change. We want them to learn something they can apply on Monday (not someday!). No matter if a teacher is ecstatic or fearful of technology or change in general, our experiences allow them to engage with the topic to their level of comfort and still get something practical out of it.
  • Relevant: We’ve worked closely with hundreds of teachers for years, and we design our experiences based on their feedback. Our learning experiences are aligned with the curricular and core competencies within the BC Curriculum.