Tech Assessments

to help paint a clearer picture of your school.

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See your school from a new perspective.

A positive technology experience at your school is when no one talks about tech anymore. The Wifi just works, Google is set up to keep student data secure, and devices are up-to-date and trouble-free. A negative technology experience at your school is when staff and students are complaining about how poor the Wifi is, or how disruptive it is trying to use shared devices when students are overwriting each other’s work.

How are your staff and students experiencing technology at your school?

Our Technology Assessment begins with visiting your school, meeting with school leadership, and hosting a focus group with your teachers. We take inventory of your technology and systems, and then pour over our notes and observations to provide you with a portrait of your school’s technology experience. This report will outline the effectiveness of your current systems and identify areas of improvement. We’ll also provide you with recommendations for how to maximize what you have and how to wisely invest in the future.

This will put you in a position to know what you didn’t necessarily know and help you make decisions to:

  • Ensure that technology is being used to advance student learning.
  • Be certain that the school’s technology systems are secure and student data is safe.
  • Know how to talk to stakeholders (like parents, teachers, and the PEC) about the school’s approach to technology.

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Our Lady of the Assumption was so thrilled with the technology audit completed by Classmate. They helped us create a solid vision and plan of where we wanted to go with technology and how to best achieve the learning goals of our students and our educators.

Prior to the audit, teachers were feeling frustrated with school technology and they were becoming more reluctant to incorporate EdTech in their classrooms. We also wanted our students to have more access to devices but through the audit we realized our network (and many devices) were too outdated to support an in-house upgrade.

Rosaleen Heffernan
Principal at Our Lady of the Assumption