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to help overcome your school's technical challenges.

We deeply understand the technology ecosystems of schools, large, small, and everywhere in between. Since 2012, our team has been helping schools conquer technical change. We’ve rebuilt and restructured more than a dozen school networks, implemented Google Workspace for Education (with proper security measures), and have deployed thousands of devices, from iPads to MacBooks, Apple TVs, Chromebooks, and more.

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Wi-Fi connected Laptop computer

Great Wi-Fi isn’t a luxury. It’s a basic need.

A quality technology experience for the staff and students at your school begins with your network. If you’ve heard teachers complaining that the Wi-Fi at your school is slow and unreliable (or if you’ve experienced this yourself), you should know that it doesn’t have to be this way!

We can help design and install your school network and guarantee that it will provide the speed, reliability, and security your school needs.

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Secure browser window

Using Google for Education? Have you implemented the proper security measures?

We help K-12 schools using Google Workspace for Education implement security measures that give staff and students a safer and more secure environment for teaching and learning.

We give school leadership peace of mind knowing staff and student data is secure.

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iPad device

BYOD is obsolete in K-12.

School issued devices provide a more reliable and consistent experience for teaching and learning. Save a ton of effort (and even more time) by having your school devices managed with a mobile device management (MDM) platform.

Second only to your WiFi and Google for Education platform, a solid device management system is crucial to developing and protecting the technology experience — and thus the learning experience.

We help schools choose and implement an MDM platform, then work together to create and apply security policies so students and staff are kept safe. We can also help deploy devices with consistent and predictable experience for teachers and students.

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A growing light bulb

Training that transforms.

Want help in reaching school-wide goals? Our team of facilitators come to your school to work and play with all your staff for a custom-designed day centred around a chosen theme.

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If you don’t know what you don’t know, then making IT decisions is overwhelming.

Our advisory services empower school leadership teams with the knowledge required to create a solid technology vision and plan to best achieve the learning goals of our students and our educators.

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